The Soşoacă law: Romania and the Republic of Moldova reunite their destinies

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Senator Diana Iovanovici-Soșoacă, president of the S.O.S. Romania Party, on Friday, March 31, submitted to the Senate of Romania the Soşoacă law, an legislative proposal entitled “LAW on the union of Romania with the Republic of Moldova”, for its introduction in the legislative procedure, and requested its adoption as emergency procedure.

The text of the legislative proposal is as follows:

Article 1:

The Romanian Parliament reiterates its commitment to the provisions of the Final Act of the C.S.C.E. Conference. from Helsinki, which admits the possibility of changing the borders through peaceful, diplomatic means.

Article 2:

The Romanian Parliament decides on the union of Romania with the Republic of Moldova.

Article 3:

The Parliament of Romania empowers the country’s government to urgently, immediately, start negotiations with the authorities in Chisinau to finalize the union with the Republic of Moldova.

Article 4:

After the adoption of this law and its publication in the Official Gazette, the competent international authorities, the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the U.S.A., NATO, the UN, the EU, will be notified in order to fulfill the provisions of the law”.

In the Statement of Reasons, the president of the S.O.S. Romania Party shows that this initiative “truly opens the way to negotiations for the return to the motherland of some territories arbitrarily torn by the Bolsheviks from the body of the country, with the participation of the great powers. I was never at the negotiating table, but I always put up with other people’s decisions. In the current context, when negotiations are already expected for the restoration of large territories for economic and political interests, Romania must play its game intelligently, with a lot of courage and aplomb, alongside with the great powers.

The approach of the undersigned opens negotiations at the table of the world’s leaders, for the reunification of Great Romania, by uniting with the Republic of Moldova and the territories illegally held by Ukraine, especially by virtue of Resolution 148 of the American Congress of June 28, 1991, which mentioned the support for the recovery of Northern Bucovina”.

Senator Diana Iovanovici-Şoșoacă also says in the Statement of Reasons that “the United States of America gives the green light for the union of Romania with the Republic of Moldova. One of the most respected people in the intelligence services is urging us to take concrete steps in this direction. James Olson headed the counterintelligence division of the CIA and described in detail what the real situation is in Eastern Europe. He stated: “I think it would be a really smart move.”

Moreover, says the senator, at this moment the majority political forces in Romania and the majority in the Republic of Moldova want such a union. “The same process as in 1918 should be repeated, so that the Parliament of Romania decides on the union of Romania with the Republic of Moldova, then the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova decides on the union with Romania. It is extremely simple, especially since we have the support of the great powers. Let’s not forget that approximately 1 million Moldovan citizens have Romanian citizenship, 82.07% of the citizens are of Romanian ethnicity, the official language is Romanian”, said the president of S.O.S. Romania.

The senator added in the Statement of Reasons that “it is mandatory for the EU, like the US, which supports this union, to help us for the integration of the Republic of Moldova and it is time to receive back what we gave for our integration, while the EU integrates Ukraine on the money of the states of the union.

In this context, we consider it imperative that the EU and the US, which need Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, integrate into the EU and NATO, help us unify and help us economically, financially, technologically and in all ways to be able to raise the economy of the Reunited Romania and to be able to face the challenges, so that the process of unification and integration into a single body of the Motherland is done with European money, where we have contributed for over 16 years and have met conditions that are no longer required for Ukraine, and should not be required also for The Republic of Moldova, the EU and NATO requesting emergency integration without costs for Ukraine, so the same facilities must be granted to the Republic of Moldova. (see Resolution of the Administrative Council no. 463 (2022) “Regarding the increase of the capital of the Development Bank of the Council of Europe”)”, added the senator.

At the end of the Statement of Reasons, Senator Diana Iovanovici-Şoșoacă stated that, considering her legislative initiative regarding the denunciation of the 1997 Treaty with Ukraine and the reunification of territories illegally held by Ukraine, “these unifications can be negotiated together, the union being able – it was done at the same time, especially with regard to the support for EU and NATO integration of the two states, but also the support for reunification as it was presented”.

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