Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca: Inciting war means crimes against humanity. Neutrality and peace for Romania in the entire region. STOP the WAR!

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STOP the war diana iovanovici sosoaca

“Since the Russian-Ukrainian war began, and we are approaching a year, we have not seen any interest in ending it, and there can be no question of peace.

It should be remembered that Romania was the first country in the world to start the action for peace, through the undersigned, initiating the action “Neutrality for Romania”. “Peace from Bucharest” and the organization of a rally on March 8, 2022 in Piața Victoriei, on Women’s Day itself, and countless public debates organized by the undersigned’s Parliamentary Cabinet, but also by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuses, at the undersigned’s proposal and under my organization , until the Senate banned these online public debates, personally taking over these debates as a senator.

Moreover, this approach was joined by five other deputies, together with whom I toured the responsible institutions and the embassies of the states involved in the conflict and those located in the vicinity of the two states involved in the war. The Romanian institutions refused involvement in the peace process and my proposal to organize peace meetings in the House of the People in Bucharest. Neither Brussels nor NATO, nor the United States gave any answer, at least one. The only ones who were open to dialogue, at least, were the Russians.

Later, Hungary took the initiative and tried to advocate for peace and the wrap-up of the Peace from Budapest.

The same indifference on the part of the states. Later, Turkey took the initiative and managed to organize rounds of negotiations, with some small successes. Now they are being hit by earthquakes caused by geophysical weapons.

At this moment, we are witnessing the interventions of the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is demanding on live broadcasts the interventions of the neighboring states and the involvement of NATO directly in the war, even resorting to petty tricks to instigate the states to declare war on the Russian Federation, thanks to some information that it would hold them and the attempts to attack the territory of the neighboring countries by Russia.

Moreover, he started a campaign of gathering applause throughout Europe, as if he were the master of the world and all the others his servants. The truth is that the Europeans also made fun of themselves, like at a circus show, showing how immoral the current society has become and how low Europe has fallen.

The only person, so far, who followed the trick is the president of the Republic of Moldova, Mrs. Maia Sandu, who, as frail and sweet as she is, thought of involving her country in the war with Russia, as if it were only force. We just don’t imagine that it is not based on something. Everything must be done so that NATO has a reason to intervene directly. If a bomb, a bullet, anything, falls on the territory of a NATO member state, from that moment the apocalypse starts.

We are witnessing a stupidity on the face of the whole world. Weapons, tanks, planes, military equipment are sent to Ukraine non-stop. This is how peace ends: with dead and wounded! That’s how new history is.

Maybe for some people who live more than 10,000 km away from the scene of the crime, it is not a problem, but for us, who live a few hundred kilometers away, it is a big problem and we have become accustomed throughout history to pay for the whims of others . The worst thing is that people always need to die in conflicts they have nothing to do with. They are called collateral victims. all humanity is to blame for accepting such a situation.

Leaders, we are fed up with your wars, which, according to what was said by a convicted minister – today a shameless television influencer -, generate money and develop the armaments industry, which must exist and develop as well.

According to the thinking of the ex-con, a former minister who stole as much as he could and did prison for it – and he knows what he’s talking about – the war will last a long time, because it’s about the arms industry and the spending of public money, and the nonchalant with which he affirmed these things, I was able to understand that power and money are everything in a world where the great powers use slaves to kill each other, like in the Roman arenas, for their own amusement.

“Cut their roots, cover their sky, divide them, make them ashamed of what they are. Thus you will not have to fight to conquer them, because, frightened by what they will have become, they will beg you to come and save them from themselves.” (Sun Tzu)

It is very clear to me that no power and no state will stop the war. The only chance for peace is the uprising of the poor populations, terrified by the smell of blood and death, who will have to sacrifice themselves, give up fear and fight, as every time in history, for their own freedom, for peace and tranquility in the world . How strange that it has always been necessary for people to die and wars to exist in order to have peace!

All we have left is to pray to God to give us strength and the last thought, to wake up as nations, to remember what we were and what we have become because of them, to unite, to love and to we take our world and life into our own hands, exterminating the evil from the root. So to the fight, speed peoples!

“There are times when you can only move forward by going against the current.” (Mircea Eliade)

“Courage means facing the opinion of the majority in the name of truth.” (Vaclav Havel)

“There is no path to peace. Peace is the way.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

SOS Romania Party Senator,

Diana Iovanovici-Sosoaca”

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